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Whether your clients have a simple travel inquiry or require assistance with complex travel arrangements, Skartel Solution is dedicated to providing your customers with the highest level of support and guidance. We understand that travel needs of each individual is unique, and we are committed to making their travel dreams a reality.

Hotel reservations

We can provide hotel reservation services, allowing customers to call and speak with representatives who can assist them in finding suitable accommodation, checking availability, making reservations, and addressing any queries or concerns.

Travel package inquiries

Customers can contact to inquire about various travel packages, such as vacation packages, honeymoon packages, or adventure travel packages. The agents can provide information about destinations, itineraries, pricing, and assist customers in choosing the right package for their needs.

Car rental assistance

We offer car rental assistance, where customers can call to inquire about available vehicles, rental rates, pick-up and drop-off locations, and make reservations for rental cars.

Flight bookings

Skartel Solutions provide flight booking services in the travel industry, where customers can call and speak to a travel agent to inquire about flight availability, prices, and make reservations.

Emergency assistance

In case of travel emergencies, such as flight cancellations, lost luggage, or medical emergencies, we can provide 24/7 emergency assistance to customers, helping them navigate through the situation and providing necessary support.